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After completing your Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), there are various options available to you. You can continue your education by enrolling in a Pre-University Course, Diploma courses, or even directly enter the workforce. However, it is important to consider your interests and career goals before making a decision. If you are unsure about your next step, you can seek guidance from career counselors who can help you explore different options and make an informed decision. Remember, the SSLC is just the beginning of your academic journey and many opportunities await you ahead. We recommended your to join Integrated Colleges.

Congratulations on completing your Pre-University Course (PUC)! Now that you have completed this important step in your education, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next. With “What after puc”, we are here to guide and support you in making the best decision for your future. Joining the Integrated Degree which helps to Save money and time 

Integrated colleges Means its a 1+1 Course offered for the students to get 2 or 3 courses done in a single phase of time 


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At SM PU & DEGREE COLLEGE, we pride ourselves on being a premier institution committed to academic excellence, holistic development, and fostering an environment that nurtures both intellectual growth and personal enrichment

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